Frequently asked questions

Most people want to know

BEBUC is a long-term, sustainable program that focuses on higher education as the primary objective to achieve building human capacity for teaching and leading research in the academic institutions of the DRC.

BEBUC scholars are excellent Congolese students at different levels of education in various fields who intend to improve research and education in educational institutions in D.R.Congo. 

The BEBUC selection process depends on the needs of BEBUC. It is not a fixed date and it will always be communicated.

Considering the professorship as the final step, this depends on the the stage at which the student joins BEBUC. The earlier he(she) joins, the longer the support can take.

You can get involved in the BEBUC vision by applying to be a BEBUC scholar when the selection process starts or/and by supporting the program via donation, benevolent mentorship and other forms of contribution at your disposal.