What is MiB ?

"Mothers in BEBUC", MiB, is an initiative designed to support and empower congolese students who are both BEBUC scholars and mothers.

Conceived by Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. mult. Gerhard Bringmann and approved by the BEBUC Panel, this concept aims to address the unique challenges faced by BEBUC mothers in the pursuit of their academic careers.


The group was born out of the recognition that many female BEBUC scholars, in addition to their academic pursuits, simultaneously undertake the challenging role of mothers. "Mothers in BEBUC" functions as an orientation and communication platform for mothers, whether they are currently studying or in transition from one study phase to the next. Through this platform, the members share experience, provide mutual support, and encourage each other to achieve excellence while balancing the demands of motherhood and the responsibilities of academic careers.


The group currently has 13 members, coordinated by five speakers:
1. Prof. Dr. Vivi Maketa: MiB Special Representative, Professor in Medicine at the Department of Tropical Medicine at UNIKIN. Bayer Foundation Early Excellence in Science Award (EESA) in Medical Sciences laureate (2024).

2. Dr. Sifa Katungu Nganza:
MiB Main Speaker, MMed Surgery, Surgeon at Clinique Universitaire du Graben and Lecturer at Université Catholique du Graben.

3. Mrs. Masika Kighana Espérance: MiB Vice Speaker, Ph.D. candidate in Economics at UCG, chief executive of the private sector in North Kivu.

4. Mrs. Gracia Mave Dhed’asi:
MiB Deputy Speaker, Ph.D. candidate in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology at Pan African University in Nairobi.

5. Mrs. Germaine Bashige: MiB Deputy Speaker, MSc. in Engineering, Teaching Assistant at ULPGL/Goma, and volunteer at UNICEF.

Other group members

In addition to the five speakers, MiB has eight wonderful mothers:
1. Kataraka Minja Rachel, Medical Doctor, MSc in Public Health, PhD Candidate in Public Health and Biosciences at Edouardo Mondlane University, Mozambique. Here with her four children Cohen, Noam, Malia, and Yohann.

2. Abigael Bisimwa, doing her last-year Internship of Medicine at Kyeshero Hospital, DRC, for completing her BSc Studies. Here with her daughter Arya.

3. Kristen Noëlla, Medical Doctor, MSc Candidate in Infectious Diseases. Here with her daughter Grâce Viso.

4. Bikaya Enjili Thérèse, Teaching and Research Assistant at UOB, MSc Candidate in Human Resources Management (HRM) at the University of Johannesburg, South Africa. Here with her daughter Dawn-Geneviève.

5. Binja Munganga Lydie, Agricultural Engineer, MSc Candidate in Food Science and Technology at Makerere University, Uganda. Here with her children Réné and Ruth.

6. Richesse Gala Basomi, MSc in Sciences and Environment Management in Developping Countries, Researcher and Part-time Assistant at UOB.

Image to be added…

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7. MUJINGA Harmonie, Medical Doctor, MSc Candidate in Obstetric and Gynaecology at Université de Kinshasa, DR Congo and Université de Picardie Jules-Vernes, France. She has two kids.

8. Yvette Kalimumbalo, Software Engineer, MSc Candidate in Bioinformatics at the University of Nairobi, Kenya. Here with her daughter Elyn-Rhema.

Our activities

  • Support: Connect with fellow BEBUC mothers to understand each other's specific challenges.
  • Resource Sharing: Access resources and tools to make the academic and motherhood journey more manageable.
  • Community Events: Organize webinars in the members’ fields of experience.
  • Mentorship: Benefit from the wisdom and guidance of advisors and experienced mothers.


For enquiries reach us at: mothersinbebuc@gmail.com