They Made it: The First BEBUC Professors

Prof. Dr. Vivi Maketa, the first female BEBUC professor and even the first female professor in the Department of Tropical Medicine at UNIKIN.



Prof. Christian Nkanga, the youngest Professor in the department of Pharmacy at UNIKIN. Expert in nanotechnology.  

Jules Tshishimbi, BEBUC professor at the department of chemistry, Faculty of Sciences, UNIKIN. Expert in Quantum Chemistry.


“I am always impressed by the huge difference between BEBUC scholars and other students in terms of motivation, ambition, and permanent search for excellence”, he reports, and adds: “This high quality of BEBUC scholars is the outcome of a strong and highly competent mentoring that is provided by the BEBUC Panel and the BEBUC Tutors.” Prof. Jules Tshishimbi