Patient Kubuya Binwa : A Civil Engineer and Assistant Lecturer at the Université Libre des Pays des Grands Lacs (ULPGL)

Patient has been a BEBUC scholar since 2014. He was a Deputy Speaker (2014-2017), Main Speaker (2017- 2018), Tutor (2018-2019) of the BEBUC scholars in Goma and is currently Prime Speaker of the BEBUC scholars.

 During his six years of bachelor studies, Patient obtained four distinctions (>75%) and two consecutive great distinctions (>80%) in G1 and G2. Consequently, he was awarded a scholarship of his university to study without paying academic fees in G1 and G2. Also, he was classified among the best students of his university each year. 

After his bachelor studies, Patient sat for the assessment of his English performance by the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) in Kampala in November 2018 and got an overall band score of 6, qualifying him as a competent user of English.

 In the same month, he was appointed Assistant Lecturer in the Department of Civil Engineering at his university. From January to August 2019, he attended four course units as an assistant (in Tech 1 and Tech 2) and successfully taught two course units in Tech 2 (Tunnels and Railways, as well as Hydraulic Constructions). 

In August 2019, Patient was admitted at the Beijing University of Civil Engineering and Architecture in the English-taught master study program of Civil Engineering and has received a partial scholarship from the Chinese Municipal Government of Beijing (Excellent Freshmen Scholarship). He started his classes in October 2019. 

Congratulations, dear Patient, on your excellence and leadership skills!